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Goyt Valley 21K organised walk

Saturday 22nd September 2012
Starts 10am to 11am from Taxal Church
Soup and sandwiches at finish
Five pound entry fee for adults

Return your entry form before 5th September, please.
See entry form for addresses

Map of the route (click here to view larger map)

The Goyt Valley 21 (GV21) is one of the most beautiful walks in the High Peak (and therefore in the world?) - and all in the Parish of Whaley Bridge.

The '21' is kilometres - about 13 miles - starting at Taxal Church, proceeding up to Windgather Rocks, then on to Cat's Torr and the Cat and Fiddle pub. From there, it's nearly all downhill, passing Errwood and Fernilee reservoirs, and back to Taxal Church for soup and a sandwich.

There is a nominal entry fee of 5 for each participant aged 12 or older to cover printing costs, soup and sandwiches.

If there is any profit from the entry fee (and any sponsorship pledges you would like to collect) most of it will go towards the Parish Magazine production costs with at least 10% going to "Tackling Poverty Together" in north west England, especially helping children.

Right click on one of these links (and select "Save ... as") to download
an entry form, a sponsor form or a description of the route.

Your walk will be worth it! Thank you for your support and enjoy the day.

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